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Sep 8, 2016

ASHA workers honorarium increased

Tvm.Govt increased the honorarium of ASHA workers to Rs 1500 form 1000 per month. As per the order the enhanced rate will get with effect from 01/06/2016.Govt sanctioned  Rs.48,74,63,000-for the purpose in the Special TSB Account

Illegal construction on holidays - Special squad formed

Lsgd issued an order to form special squad for control illegal building construction on holidays. 

coordination committee decisions on 7th september

sulekha plan എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലംTVM. co ordiation committee meeting held yesterday decided to cut 5% plan fund from LSGI which will not get approval within September 9.committee also decided to cut 10% plan funds from LSGIs which Submit  projects after september 30 for DPC approval
07/09/2016 ലെ കോര്‍ഡിനേഷന്‍ കമ്മിറ്റിയുടെ പ്രധാന തീരുമാനങ്ങള്‍

Sep 7, 2016

Special Festival Allowance for Public Sector Undertakings

kmml എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലം 
Government have sanctioned Special Festival Allowance for the employees working in Public Sector undertakings.For details view GO(Ms) No 354/2016/Fin Dated 06/09/2016.

Onam Advance 2016;Order issued

kerala govt എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലംGovernment have sanctioned Onam advance to State Government employees,part-time contingent employees,NMR/CLR employees etc.
For details view GO(P)No 129/2016/Fin Dated  01/09 /2016  & Cabinet Note

Sep 2, 2016

Kerala govt employees onam bonus and festival allowance announced

onam എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലംTvm.Govt have issued an order to declare the Onam bonus.As per the order Rs. 3500 will be the onam bonus. Emploees whose salary below 22000 will get onam bonus . Other employees get Rs 2400 as festival allowance.

Aug 30, 2016

Stray dog Menace-Comprehensive action plan -Instruction issued

stray dogs kerala എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലംTVM. Stray dog Menace-Comprehensive action plan -Instruction issued. for more details view order

all other orders in connection with this matter

Debt Relief on arrears of loans taken from Govt.Institutions

Government have ordered debt relief on arrears of  loans taken from Government institutions.For detailed orders and guidelines 
view GO(P)No.118/2016 /Fin Dated 20/08/2016 and Council Note  

BDO -DC Promotion Orders Issued

TVM.CRD issued promotion orders in the cadre of Assistant Development Commissioners of Rural Development Department.

Aug 23, 2016

12th plan- Revised guideline issued

panchayaths എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലംGovt issued revised  subsidy guideline for the plan implementation process in LSGI.

Housing schemes - plinth area increased

kerala govt എന്നതിനായുള്ള ഇമേജ് ഫലംTVM. Govt issued an order to permitting 25% plinth area extension to all Housing Schemes Implemented by Local Self Govts. Later the order was effective only to IAY Housing scheme, implemented through Block Panchayaths. 

IAY Spill Over Houses Should be Completed before 31st March

Govt Of India requested all State Govts
and UTs to ensure thecompletion of houses
 sanctioned under IAY, by the end of the
 current financial year.

ODF Orders

Instruction from ACS(Finance) to The Director, Treasury dated 11.08.16 _ Lifting of ODF Projects from treasury ban
Minutes of the Coordination Committee dated 27.07.2016
G.O. No.2245/LSGD/2016 dated 26.07.2016 Guideline for timely completion of activities for ODF
G.O No.2235/LSGD/2016 dated 25.07.2016 clarification in fund allocation in manufacturing sector
Minutes of the Coordination Committee dated 13.07.2016 
2076/2016/LSGD dated 05.07.2016_Co-ordination Committee Decisions for Campaign on ODF
2037/2016/LSGD dated 30.06.2016_Revised guidelines for Planning and Subsidy inclusion (12th five year plan)
Lr. No. 455/DC1/2016/LSGD dated 23.06.2016 from PS, LSGD to all ULBs and GPs_Validation of Benefficiary list
1815/2016/LSGD dated 31.05.2016_ODF declaration on Nov 1st_timely implementation of projects